Program Design

We combine specialist skills with targeted experience to guide service and system development.

Program Evaluation

We work with providers to document service models and performance, and to identify directions for the future.

Social Research

Our technical skills ensure social research that provides valuable evidence to guide policy and practice.


Program Design

With limited resources and considerable demand for services, organisations are under pressure. At TRACE Research, we can help to ease that pressure by consolidating policy and planning materials with the evidence base to develop details for program design and implementation. A key feature of our work is listening to those manage and provide programs, their unique knowledge and skill set form the foundation for implementation. This information is considered in the context of the policy environment and the potential to capitalise on innovative practices that are particular strengths of community services.

Tender Writing

The competitive funding environment brings both challenge and opportunity for community services. TRACE Research adeptly considers funding priorities and organisational capacity to develop proposals that are grounded in context and designed for success. We have an excellent record of working to tight timelines and using our extensive experience in community and academic environments to produce high quality proposals.

Program Evaluation

Effective program implementation is essential to the realisation of positive impacts and outcomes. Our work involves understanding the context and conditions for programs, and working with those involved to develop and implement rigorous and utilisation approaches to evaluation. Through this work, we aim to support program improvement as the evaluation proceeds and to document what has been learned for the future.

Social Research

Meaningful research supports individual and community health and well-being. At TRACE Research, we have a wealth of experience with projects involving hard to reach groups and sensitive areas of inquiry. Our research skills are used to shape methodologies that support access to good information and we maintain a respectful approach to those providing and engaging with programs and initiatives.

Community Consultation

Communities are passionate about social concerns and keen to share information and problem-solve to arrive at solutions. We are capable speakers and enjoy facilitating group discussions to learn from and consolidate local knowledge, thereby clarifying options that will advance community wellbeing.

Strategy and Planning

While busy with day to day operations, it is essential that community organisations have the building blocks in place, including leadership, governance, management structures and accountabilities that will enable core objectives to be realised while fostering a healthy and positive learning environment. Workforce support and development and strategic planning for practice will help channel limited resources to areas of highest priority and emphasise what is working and what needs to change. At TRACE Research, we enjoy working with organisations to enable useful planning processes that clarify strategic directions and key steps in implementation and review.

Thank you Lynda, for your excellent work and for supporting WRAD in our service development planning. It has been a good partnership with value added.

Geoff Soma

Western Region Alcohol and other Drug Centre

Lynda has done incredibly well to capture everything succinctly given the level of detail and complexity involved. We would not hesitate to work with TRACE Research again.

Caroline Bayer

Business Development Manager Victorian AIDS Council


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