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Dr Lynda Berends

Dr Lynda Berends

Health services researcher in Melbourne, specialising in alcohol and drug sector development

The Director at TRACE Research, Dr Lynda Berends, is a health services researcher specialising in the study of alcohol and drug service delivery and system development. Lynda has extensive policy and research experience in the community health sector, having worked in government, clinical and academic research settings.

Lynda’s work focuses particularly on implementation effectiveness and integrated models of care across primary and acute areas of health. Her research is grounded in context (policy and settings) and Lynda uses a consultative approach that is based on working with those providing and funding care.

In addition to her role as Director at TRACE Research, Lynda is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales and President of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs.

Lynda’s work in the alcohol and other drug field commenced with her leadership of the Treatment and Systems Program at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre in 2000. Projects that she led in that role include implementation and outcome reviews of alcohol and drug services, an exploration of capacity building strategies within integrated models of care, and consultative work to identify directions for alcohol and other drug system planning and development in community settings.

Working on-site and with service providers has enabled Lynda to obtain a strong understanding of the ways organisational arrangements and community environments impact how services operate and the influences on client access and continuity of care. Examples include service provider perspectives on the process and impacts of AOD treatment system reform, evaluations of outpatient and residential AOD treatment services (e.g., adult, youth, Koori, older people) and a review of the ethical and practical issues surrounding people’s access to take away methadone doses.

Lynda has a particular interest in rural and regional services, which is illustrated in a range of projects, including the examination of how location impacts community alcohol and other drug service delivery (Australia wide), factors impacting the delivery of opioid replacement therapy in rural and remote areas (NSW), and the enablers and barriers of a pilot alcohol screening and intervention project in regional hospitals (VIC).

Lynda leads practice and policy development in various professional forums. She is the President of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD), a member of Victoria’s Alcohol and Other Drug Sector Reference Group, and a member of the International Society on the Study of Drug Problems (ISSDP).


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